Thanks to web-portal and system "Open budget" Ukrainians can try themselves as anti-corruption detectives


On December 16, the Public Council at the Ministry of Finance approved the implementation of the analysis and information system "Open budget" on the web-portal for public spending

The system "Open budget" triggers, without any exaggeration, an information revolution in Ukraine. It radically transforms the budget process, since it enables Ukrainian citizens to play an active role in this process using control tools integrated in this system.

Based on the data published on, everyone can start his own investigation in public spending. Instead of listening to fairy tales about corruption, one can use this opportunity to check and retrieve actual information on who, when and in what amount pays tax payers’ money to whom and for what goods or services.

The module "Open budget" is a unique tool which makes it possible not only to control expenses, but also to elaborate budgets (state budget as well as local budgets) on the basis of preliminary analysis and to make well-founded decisions for budgeting. These are tools enabling the Ministry of Finance to engage citizens to the budget process.

The system "Open budget" makes it possible for the first time to compare budgets by period, region, cost line etc. without searching for data on the websites of other public bodies. The users of this tool can also conclude on the purpose and effectiveness of public budgets. The united web-platform “E-Data” makes it possible to perform all these operations fast and with a high accuracy.

The system "Open budget" will start operating in full starting from the summer of 2016 already. Now, the project team is actively hosting training sessions and workshops open for all interested citizens, in order to demonstrate them the control tools for public spending and to make them actively use the available control tools now, prior to the full deployment of the module "Open budget".

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You can mark the parts of text you like, which will be available at the link in the address bar of your browser