Serhiy Verlanov presents development strategy of State Tax Service of Ukraine


On May 15, Serhiy Verlanov, newly appointed Head of the State Tax Service, presented the development strategy of the tax service.

The strategy covers three key areas:
1. Development of relations with taxpayers;
2. Development of human capital;
3. Development of the State Tax Service as a state administration body.

The key accents of the strategy are set on the risk-oriented work of the State Tax Service, comprehensive assistance to taxpayers and build-up of electronic services, de-militarisation, contest-based approach in the hiring policy, integrity of databases and their mobility for information exchange with other state agencies.

“The State Fiscal Service is the visit card of the state for business, that is why the equality of the participants of the public dialogue about the mutual rights and duties shall be the cornerstone of the dialogue between the State Tax Service and the society. The tax service shall encourage business instead of scaring away active citizens and refraining them from contributing to the national product,” Serhiy Verlanov said.

The Head of the State Tax Service also emphasized the importance of the withdrawal of the law enforcement function from the Tax Service. Tax police shall be separated from the State Tax Service, since the Tax Service is a service-oriented body.

“Comprehensive assistance to taxpayers in paying taxes, proper fulfilment of the functions of the Tax Service as a state body implementing the state tax policy as well as qualified personnel enjoying the trust of taxpayers – these are the key goals serving as the basis for the development of the Tax Service,” said Serhiy Verlanov.

Due to the inevitable digitalization and IT-solutions defining the future development, the State Fiscal Service will continue its efforts in developing its service functions, modernizing its IT services and platforms. The already available electronic taxpayer’s office shall be modernized as well.

“Our goal is to minimize the number of contacts between the tax administration employees and taxpayers. Ideally, all processes shall be handled in our smartphones, online,” said the Head of the State Tax Service.

The State Tax Service shall develop in line with global practices. However, in Serhiy Verlanov’s opinion, the priority in the work of the Tax Service shall be openness and transparency, ongoing dialogue with taxpayers and business associations as well as proper feedback. Constructive criticism from the society and business community will be considered as a step to efforts aiming to improve the service quality of the Tax Service. Special attention in this context will be paid to the training of the employees who should expect an appropriate remuneration.

The main task of the State Tax Service – collection of stable revenues for the public budgets of all levels – shall be ensured through better tax administration.

“This is one of the most important tasks of the State Tax Service. The revenues we collect in Ukraine are transferred to the state budget to fulfil strategic tasks and to make us stronger,” Serhiy Verlanov said.

More details are available in the presentation:

Development strategy of the State Tax Service

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