The Ministry of Finance sets up a Project Management Office


To ensure a fast and efficient implementation of reforms, a Project Management Office has been established at the Ministry of Finance. The head of the Office is Yana Bugrimova, who is the advisor of the Minister of Finance.

The Minister of Finance is actively working to restore the economic growth of Ukraine and taking resolute steps to solve economic and financial problems by implementing structural reforms. Pursuing this target, the Ministry of Finance decided to establish the Project Management Office which will be in charge for the coordination of the reforms being implemented in public finance. This includes reforms related to the public budgets, taxation, customs and other areas.

The core tasks of the Project Office include the elaboration of proposals on the reform of public finance, engagement of experts and coordination of the activities of working groups in charge for the implementation of reforms, organization of discussions and monitoring of reform progress and results with state bodies, business and civil society as well as coordination of the cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and advisors and experts who are working in Ukraine at technical aid projects.

“The main task of the Project Management Office is to accompany and coordinate the reform process pursued by the Ministry of Finance as well as to provide high-quality consulting on the best way to implement the respective transformations. In fact, we have established a strategic reform center at the Ministry of Finance which shall provide comprehensive support to the deep transformations in our country”, Miniter of Finance Oleksandr Danylyuk said.

The team of the Project Office shall include high-profile researchers and experts in the field of economy and finance, representatives of NGOs as well as representatives of state agencies and local self-government bodies.

“The key objective of the Project Office is to assist in the coordination, elaboration, implementation monitoring and communication on reforms. The Office shall make it possible to develop ideas and proposals made by the Ukrainian Government, international partners of Ukraine and activists with the aim to achieve the best possible result”, head of the Project Management Office Yana Bugrimova said.

The Project Management Office will be cooperating closely with the Office of the Ministry of Finance and state agencies reporting to it. The Project Office will be providing coordinating, analytical and communicative assistance in the implementation of the reforms. This will ensure coordinated actions by all parties interested in the reforms including the government, citizens, international donors, expert community and business.

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