​Results of the contest “E-Data Ranking 2017” have been announced


Small Ukrainian towns are the winners of the contest “E-Data Ranking 2017”. The towns which are most transparent to their residents in regard to public spending are Netishyn (Khmelnytsky region) with the result of 93.7%, Skole (Lviv region) – 90.4%, and Zalishchyky (Ternopil region) with the result of 90.1%.

447 cities and towns participated in the contest. The E-Data contest had three key indicators: scope of registered transactions, increase of the number of the captured documents and content update of the virtual offices.

“The contest “E-Data Rating” posed a better incentive for public institutions to register and to capture their data on the E-Data portal than any administrative steps. Small towns are more active in filing their reports at e-data.gov.ua and executing the Law of Ukraine “On the Open Use of Public Funds”. Thus, they demonstrate their effectiveness by ensuring the transparent use of public funds and providing unprecedented access to their financial data for citizens”, First Deputy Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova said.

The main goal of the contest was to improve the quantitative results of the E-Data project: registration of public institutions on the portal and filing of reports about the use of public funds. Following the contest, the number of the empty virtual offices on the E-Data portal went down by 3%, the number of published documents increased by 2 million pieces, registration of new users on the E-Data portal increased by 4%.

It is important to note that the overall level of engagement among cities on the E-Data portal is increasing. A remarkable example is the city of Nicopol (Dnipropetrovsk region) – over the last several months, the city has demonstrated a well-coordinated performance by the city council, managing entities, recipients of public funds, state-owned and municipal companies which registered more than 150 virtual offices at e-data.gov.ua. In the beginning of the project, Nicopol was in the bottom of the chart ranking on position 390 (37%). As per January 01, 2018, it ranked on position 31 (82.6%). Nicopol is not yet in the top 10, but it did achieve the best progress moving up by 359 points.

“Today, we can say that in terms of transparency in using public funds small cities in Ukraine are more attractive for investors. Their mayors staged a real competition for the first positions in the ranking. The local public employees did not consider the contest as a formality, but saw that as an opportunity to make their cities more open and comfortable for life and business”, E-Data project manager Oleksandr Shchelokov says.

The main task of the E-Data team for 2018 in regard for the next contest is the implementation of the quantitative indicators and the introduction of qualitative ones like better registers and more complete data of higher quality.

Below are the top 10 cities acknowledged as the most open ones according to the results of the E-Data contest. Under the link an interactive map can be opened to find the respective city in the ranking with all its performance indicators.


CityRegionE-Data ranking






Novy RozdilLviv87.02%





The contest was conducted with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine jointly with the portal’s administrator DU “Vidkryti Publichni Finansy” in partnership with the International Renaissance Foundation and the NGO “MAE BUTY”. The partners of the project are the organizations “Stop Corruption”, “Slovo i Dilo”, Search and Analysis System 007 as well as with the methodological partner “Investor Relations Agency”.

Several days ago, the E-Data project published its annual report which can be read here.

For information:

About “E-Data Ranking”
The aim of the contest is to increase the number of organizations registered on the E-Data portal and to motivate public servants to disclose data about the expenses of public entities.

The unified web-portal for public spending e-data.gov.ua is the biggest in Ukraine open database in the public finance sector. According to the Law of Ukraine “On the Open Use of Public Funds”, the portal discloses all transactions of the State Treasury Office and information about the use of funds from the state budget and local budgets.

The NGO “MAE BUTY” promotes the strategic development of Ukraine’s social and economic system by engaging national and international theoretical and practical experience as well as economic, politic, scientific and information resources for the effective development of projects at any level. The organization develops the web-services “Official public finance portal” and “Search and Analysis System .007” based on open data in the public finance sector.

The International Renaissance Foundation is one of the biggest charity foundations in Ukraine and a national foundation belonging to the global network of Open Society Foundations.

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