Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk visits the customs to examine the operation of the “Single Window” procedure


On August 11, Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyljuk and Head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov visited the customs point “Stolychny” of the Kyiv city Customs Office to examine the operation of the “Single Window” procedure.
The initiative of the Ministry of Finance to launch the automated “Single Window” customs clearance process was implemented at the Ukrainian customs on August 1. This is a progressive and modern tool aimed to reduce the number of customs formalities. Within a month, all technical issues must be finalized so that business can enjoy all advantages of the new system.

What was the problem?

• Interaction between the customs, other authorities and companies was chaotic and did not have any system;
• Controlling authorities were not subject to any time limits in their activities – business could not plan their operations, logistics processes were significantly affected;
• The customs authorities could not complete customs clearance with pending release by other authorities which resulted in delays and long waiting lines at the border;
• There was no electronic data base with information on applications of business to the controlling authorities – thus, the state was not in position to monitor the activities of these authorities and to prevent corruption.

What does “Single Window” deliver?

• It prevents corruption at the customs;
• It minimizes human factor in decision-making at the customs and other state authorities;
• It significantly simplifies decision-making processes at the controlling authorities;
• It speeds up the customs clearance process;
• It reduces costs and time consumption for business in terms of logistics;
• It fosters the development of international trade and improves the investment climate in Ukraine.

What comes next?

The “Sinlge Window” initiative is being implemented as a part of the comprehensive reform at the customs. The next steps refer to the further implementation of the already decided measures implemented to improve the operation of the customs: automatic distribution of customs declarations, video and photo-surveillance of customs procedures (already implemented), mobile rapid-reaction groups at the customs (starting by the end of August), the opening of the Interregional Customs Office of the SFS (starting in September).

Additional information about the “Single Window”:

• The “Single Window” system is an electronic data exchange system enabling controlling authorities and the customs to automatically exchange data about consignments passing the border of Ukraine;
• All kinds of state control (customs, sanitary, epidemiological, veterinary, phytosanitary, ecological and radiological) shall be carried out via the customs IT-system;
• Based on the results of the state control, relevant remarks shall be inserted in the joint data base;
• A controlling authority has 4 hours to examine goods and to make a decision;
• If the decision is still pending after 4 hours, the so-called “silent consent” principle is applied, i.e. the IT system automatically triggers a positive control remark on the completion of the respective type of state control and customs clearance;
• All controlling authorities examine the respective goods simultaneously, but not later than within 24 working hours after the time proposed by the respective applicant.

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