Minister of Finance Nathalie Jaresko meets representatives of IT-industry


On November 30, Minister of Finance Nathalie Jaresko and her deputy Olena Makeyeva had a meeting with the representatives of the export-oriented IT-industry to discuss the draft of the tax reform. The meeting had been initiated by the IT-committee of the European Business Association whose core activity is to develop the IT-industry in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the dialogue between the leaders of the IT-sector and the Ministry of Finance was continued regarding the incremental change of the tax burden on the IT-industry in Ukraine.

Minister of Finance Nathalie Jaresko explained the philosophy and logics of several new tax regulations proposed by the Ministry of Finance and once again emphasized the priorities of the tax reform agreed during the open dialogue between the Ministry of Finance and various branched of the economy including the IT-sector.

«We are aware that the IT-sector belongs to the «new economy» in Ukraine and has been growing significantly for the last several years being among the export leaders of our country. That is why we are interested in promoting the competitiveness of the Ukrainian IT-industry, which should contribute to the stability of the financial system of Ukraine», the Minister of Finance said.

At the same time, the representatives of the IT-industry presented agreed proposals on the tax reform from the branch-related working groups and stressed the importance of the further development of the IT-industry and the increase of hard currency revenues for Ukraine.

«The most important issue now is the incremental and consistent increase of the single tax for the entrepreneurs under group 3 avoiding any sharp increases. Our investors and customers are somewhat worried about risks related to the possible changes in the tax regulations including a sharp rise of the single tax rate, - coordinator of the IT-committee Kostyantyn Vasyuk said during the meeting. – But today we see readiness to take well-balanced decisions to foster the development of the IT-industry».

After a detailed discussion the agreed proposals of the IT-committee they were approved to be included in the draft of the new Tax Code. The participants of the meeting expressed their readiness to continue cooperation which is very important for the growth of the export-oriented Ukrainian IT-industry.

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