The Ministry of Finance has all set to launch the “Single Window” at the customs on August 1


On July 25, the Ministry of Finance approved all regulations necessary to launch the single-window procedure at the customs on August 1. The “Single Window” shall significantly simplify and speed up customs formalities contributing to a much better business environment.

What does it give to business?

• The new procedure significantly speeds up foreign trade operations – now controlling state authorities will only have 4 hours to decide on the respective type of control. If there is not decision made within 4 hours, the principle of “default consent” is applied, i.e., the customs systems considers the respective type of control successfully passed;
• The costs for business are reduced – customs procedures shall become faster and, hence, cheaper;
• Corruption is diminished – controlling state authorities will have fewer opportunities for manipulations;
• Effective distribution of resources – goods inspection shall be conducted by all authorities in charge simultaneously.
The last formal step necessary to launch the procedure was for the Ministry of Finance to approve the list of documents to be submitted to the respective controlling authority to finalize the respective type of control, to approve the list of 192 customs clearance points where the single-window-procedure shall be applied as well as the list of 47 customs clearance points with the automated control of radioactive and nuclear materials. Finalizing this step will make it possible to launch the new system on schedule, on August 1.

What next?

The “Single Window” initiative has been implemented as a part of the comprehensive reform at the customs. Next, the implementation of further decisions on the improvement of the customs operations should continue:

1. Photo and video surveillance was introduced for customs clearance process. Result: tighter control of the customs officers and lower corruption;
2. Mobile groups and a coordinating control center were established to control customs operations. Result: random checks by the mobile groups shall reduce corruption and abuse of office at the customs;
3. Automatic distribution of customs declarations for clearance was implemented. Result: customs officers cannot manipulate documents and select consignments for clearance at their discretion anymore. This should significantly reduce corruption as well.

Additional information on the single-window procedure:

• The “Single Window” system is aimed to create a single electronic data base enabling various controlling authorities and customs offices to automatically exchange information about consignments crossing the Ukrainian border and the results of their inspection;
• The implementation of the single-window procedure was decided on May 25, 2016 (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 364 “On selected issues related to the implementation of the “Single Window” principle for the customs, sanitary, epidemiological, veterinary, phytosanitary, ecological, radiological and other types of state control”);
• The above Decree also set the Procedure for the information exchange between fiscal authorities, other state agencies and companies in line with the “single window” principles using electronic data transmission tools.

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