​The Ministry of Finance appeals to the Parliament to keep the anti-corruption “24 hours” regulation at the customs


The Ministry of Finance appeals to the members of Parliament to abstain from voting for the draft law No. 7484 which is set to abolish the anti-corruption “24-hours” regulation at the customs implemented on January 1, 2018. It would be a major setback in fighting against corruption and import tax evasion in Ukraine.

Thus, the full-scale implementation of the “24-hours” regulation made it significantly harder to use the “legal” schemes allowing to import goods to Ukraine without paying taxes. People who were involved in “duty-free” import schemes could enter Ukraine with import goods immediately their departure abroad. Now, to receive such duty exemptions, citizens must spend at least 24 hours away from Ukraine. It makes such schemes significantly more expensive.

These changes, which have already become visible for citizens travelling abroad, resulted in significantly shorter waiting lines at the border check points. It also promotes equal terms for all businesses in Ukraine.

According to the new customs rules, citizens crossing the border through check points for vehicles, are entitled to import goods to Ukraine VAT-free with the total value up to EUR 500. However, if a citizen stayed abroad for less than 24 hours or if a citizen crosses the border more often than once per 3 days, the value of goods which she/he can import without paying the VAT is reduced to EUR 50. Personal belongings of citizens are not included. The duty rules for goods imported by citizens through airports remain unchanged: the maximum value of goods which can be imported without paying the VAT remains up to EUR 1,000.

Also, the international experience shows that the implementation of value- or amount-related, seasonal or timing restrictions does not place any inconvenience on travelling citizens and does not result in any negative impact.

Hence, the Ministry of Finance insists that the anti-corruption “24-hours” regulation must remain valid at the customs.

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