UAH 1 billion to be provided in 2019 for pilot project in reform of emergency medical care


Starting from April 1, 2019, the modernization of healthcare dispatch services will start in all regions of Ukraine. Along with this, a pilot project for the development of the emergency medical care system will start in Vinnytsya, Donetsk, Odessa, Poltava, Ternopil oblasts and in the city of Kyiv.

The Healthcare Ministry proposed the Government a new model of emergency medical care aiming to ensure accessible, timely and high-quality service to citizens, so that every Ukrainian can quickly receive necessary medical assistance.

UAH 1 billion have been allocated in the state budget of 2019 for the reform of the emergency medical care system.

Co-funding by local budgets is required for the implementation of the new model of the emergency medical care system with not more than 75% of the costs to be covered from the state budget and 25% to be covered from local budgets.

This co-funding scheme is quite fair and plausible thanks to the financial decentralization that resulted in the significantly higher economic capacity and additional resources of the regions.

The main innovations include new operation algorithms for the dispatch units, a new IT infrastructure, updated mandatory protocols for dispatchers and team-action protocols for emergency teams, new vehicles, new equipment etc.

Deputy Minister of Finance Yuri Dzhyhyr gave more details about the key changes in the emergency medical care system:

First, emergency assistance must be available within the first four minutes following an emergency case, i.e. prior to the arrival of the emergency vehicle. Second, emergency calls must be managed by modern equipment using new automated protocols. Third, the emergency teams must consist of specialists of the new generation whose qualification shall be tested by an external agency. All active emergency assistance employees can gain new qualifications by passing a re-training programme. Fourth, emergency assistance and rehabilitation activities at hospitals need new rules: new approaches in the organization of treatment procedures at hospitals, change of outdated state construction norms and gradual implementation of requirements to full-scale emergency assistance adjusting it to intensive care hospitals.”

Based on the progress of the pilot project, the new emergency medical assistance system will be gradually implemented all over Ukraine.

The new approach to the emergency medical assistance became the basis of the draft Development Concept for Emergency Medical Assistance for 2019-2023 that was prepared by the Healthcare Ministry and approved by the Ministry of Finance without any critical remarks. The draft Concept is now being prepared to be submitted to
the Government.

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