If you can go shopping with Apple Pay and Android Pay, paying taxes must that simple, too: the Ministry of Finance is developing an app for mobile phones to pay taxes, - Oleksandr Danyliuk


If you can shop paying for everything via Apple Pay and Android Pay, paying taxes must be just as simple and clear as well. The Ministry of Finance is now developing a mobile app for paying taxes. Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk told that during his open meeting with business representatives “State and Business: How to Remove Barriers?” which took place in May 31, 2018. This initiative is being implemented as part of the project of the Minister of Finance “Podatky Prosto”.

“The VAT register is a tectonic anti-corruption step made by the Minister of Finance a year ago which made the VAT-refund process open, automated, clear and fast. The VAT register has been operating for a year already and has already helped refund UAH 148 billion to tax payers. The Ministry of Finance supports the implementation of hi-tech tools which will not only disrupt corrupt schemes but will also contribute to making tax payments easier. The automation of processes in taxation and transfer of administrative services online eliminate corrupt schemes and transform the operation of the State Fiscal Service completely. Some of these transformations are implemented as part of the project “Podatky Prosto”,” the Minister of Finance said.

What still remains unsolved, however, is the problem of “old debts” for which the Minister of Finance proposed its own solution – draft law No. 7518 which established a transparent and clear procedure for the refund of applications captured in the Temporary Register. This draft law is important for business working, investing and creating jobs in Ukraine. The position of the Ministry of Finance and the Government was supported by the President.

These innovations Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk discussed with Hanna Derevyanko, executive director of the European Business Association, Kateryna Glaskova, director of the Association of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, Tetyana Prokopchuk, Vice President of the ACC, and Sophia Araslanova, general director of the Association “Ukrainian Importers of Household Electronics” and representative of the Ukrainian Business Council.

All representatives of business associations pointed out that transparent VAT refund based on the online VAT register is a big step forward and that technologies must continue to be used to tackle corruption and to simplify tax administration.

One more anti-corruption steps discussed during the meeting was the “one-stop” procedure for customs clearance. It minimizes human factor and minimizes arbitrary interventions in customs procedures.

“Two years after the implementation of the “one-stop” procedure, it is used by 80% of companies. This new procedure is a window of opportunities which accelerates the development of international trade,” Oleksandr Danyliuk said.

As part of the project “Podatky Prosto”, it is planned to improve the electronic office of tax payers, including the increased number of administrative services provided online.

Currently, the possibility is checked to accept/issue the following documents online:

Application for the selection of or switch to the simplified taxation scheme or for the refusal of the simplified taxation scheme and change of the single tax category;

Cross-check protocol for payments to the state budget;

Request for an extract from the register of single tax payers;

Statistic reports;

Reports required by the law on the social welfare of physically challenged citizens.

It is also planned to implement an electronic log for the registration of revenues and expenses. “Podatky Prosto” is a new project of the Ministry of Finance aimed to detect possibilities for the optimization of tax administration processes in the interest of tax payers and the fiscal authorities as well as to prepare solutions at the level of the legislation and business processes.

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