Public Council at Ministry of Finance unanimously approves concept «Open budget» to implement next stage of web-portal


On December 16, the Public Council at the Ministry of Finance held a meeting where discussed and unanimously approved the concept «Open budget» which should also be discussed by the Cabinet of Ministers before the end of the year. After its launch, the module «Open budget» will be applied for the analysis of current budget data and for the execution control of the state budget and local budgets.

One of the core tasks of the module «Open budget» is to remove corruption from the budget process. This information and analysis system is aimed to secure the transparency of all budget processes and procedures at the central and local level as well as to control the use of public funds by state-owned companies, the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund.

Deputy Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, who is also the coordinator of the project «E-Data», said during the presentation of the concept: «The deployment of «Open budget» will enable us to change the system used to prepare the state budget and local budgets. For instance, we are going to implement a set of KPIs for public institutions to assess their management of public funds. We will be paying special attention to automation and facilitation for the accounting departments of public entities. Altogether, these steps shall positively impact the budget of every citizen, the quality of road repairing works, the price and quality of school and kindergarten meals for children etc.».

The system «Open budget» will make it possible to compare budgets by period, region or cost line as well as to control the execution of budgets in terms of the appropriate use of their funds and by other important criteria. This system poses an automated analytical tool for various public institutions enabling them to make proper decisions when elaborating budgets.

Project manager Oleksandr Shchelokov said: «the project of deputy Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova «E-Data» is now the most powerful tool enabling the public to control the utilization of public funds. The public is already aware of that, that is why we enjoy active support from activists and international experts for the implementation of the information and analytical system «Open budget».

The module «Open budget» will be in operation on the web-portal in the end of summer next year.

For information:

The Public Council at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is an advisory body established to enable citizens to participate in public affairs as well as to take into account public opinion in the course of preparation and execution of orders of the Ministry of Finance. Members of the Public Council can be representatives of civil organizations, professional associations and other citizens’ unions, local self-government bodies and media.

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