​Contracts signed by entities managing budget funds are now open for public control


For the first time, the public receives access to information about the actual status of contracts between the entities managing budget funds and third parties. Free access to contracts, supplementary agreements, specifications and protocols makes it possible to receive information about the subject of public contracts, their volume as well as to analyze demand patterns of public institutions.

The developers’ team of DU “VPF” (State Organization “Open Public Finance”) has made the public spending portal Spending.gov.ua the first and only platform in Ukraine offering completely structured data on public finance. It means that by means of automated access with API users can export data and create services for civil control over the execution of contracts as well as for the analysis of the integrity of transactions and the tax policy of the entities managing budget funds.

“Making the database with public contracts open is a big step forwards to the analysis of the use of budget funds. It will become an effective tool for the civil control over the financial activities of entities managing budget funds. We are sure that this openness will contribute to the optimization of their operations”, said Oksana Markarova, First Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

“Today, we have opened - in a test mode – access to the contracts of entities managing public funds in the “Spending” module on the E-Data portal. The team of the DU “VPF” also plans to launch parametric API to make the use of data even more comfortable. It will also enable the fund-managing entities to publish systematized information about their transactions and documents on their own websites and will make them more open and understandable for the public. Also, we hope to cooperate with ProZorro and DKSU to create a unique it-contract”, says Oleksandr Komareus, CEO of the DU “VPF”.

As a platform administrator, the DU “VPF” also provides advisory support to the public fund-managing entities to improve the quality of their information, since it belongs primarily to the responsibility of the managers of these entities and recipients of public funds.

Information about the State Organization “Open Public Finance”

The DU “VPF” was established according to the Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 18 dd. 30.01.2017 to ensure the effective follow-up of projects related to open public funds, the implementation of the concept for the build-up of the integrated information and analytical system “Transparent Budget” as well as to support, to administer and to accompany all other projects and programs in the area of open data, state registers and portals as well as other projects and programs for the implementation of software applications with tools for the management of public funds and open data.

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You can mark the parts of text you like, which will be available at the link in the address bar of your browser